Terror Time: “Shit-your-pants scares”


“FOUND FOOTAGE 3D’s ace up its sleeve is the deftly written dialogue and inspired humor”

“well devised shit-your-pants scares”

“The chemistry between the entire disparate band of cast and crew members works astoundingly well”

“Scott Allen Perry’s sound guy, Carl, …is a joy to watch throughout but literally knocks it out of the park when he’s just sat riffing alone to the camera.”

“the effects should ideally be seen in 3D to be truly appreciated as the 2D version doesn’t do the film anywhere near as much justice”

“by far one of the better horror/comedies I’ve seen of late”


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F This Movie: “One of the best found footage movies ever made.”


“both a critique of found footage and one of the best found footage movies ever made”

“the rare sendup that works as both a goof on the thing and as a great example of the thing itself”

“Even more than any of the repertory screenings, Found Footage played best to the packed-house crowd of any movie during [Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival].”

“the film has an amazing ability to shift tones and sympathies multiple times in the course of a single scene”

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Movies with Chris: “A meta comedy that slowly turns into a horror film”


“The film is a completely super-meta comedy film that slowly turns into a horror film in the best way possible.”

“The 3D works… it actually feels like you’re there”

“the big reason the film works is because of the cast”

Found Footage 3D is the Scream for found footage movies”

“The cast is great, it’s funny, scary and is an all around smart and good found footage movie”


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Daily Dead: “One of the best 3D and one of the best found footage movies I’ve ever seen.”


“It’s one of the best 3D and one of the best found footage movies I’ve ever seen.”

“delivers one of the best 3D experiences I’ve had in a theater since the format had its resurgence in 2009… [T]he 3D is used in new ways to brilliant effect. It’s one of the few theatrical experiences I’ve had in a long time that I won’t just suggest be seen theatrically in 3D, but demand it.”

“a brilliant sendup of the subgenre, a loving tribute to found footage, and one of the best surprises in horror this year.”

“find[s] the humanity within the comedy within the horror”

“We care enough about these people that just watching a movie about them hanging out in a cabin and trying to make a movie would be completely satisfying even without any of the horror stuff. DeGennaro understands this, cleverly using our own investment against us at all the right moments; he draws us into a character beat, prepares us for a payoff and—WHAM—that’s when the movie hits us with a scare. The construction is so goddamn clever.”


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Bloody Disgusting: “A modern indie gem that deserves a place among the greats”


“one of the most entertaining horror films this year”

“brilliantly self-referential”

“the near-perfect horror experience”

“the 3D is exceptional. (It’s so good that it confuses and angers me at the amount of trash the big studios put out.) In fact, outside of Avatar and Final Destination 5, I think you’ll find it hard to show me a more impressive use of 3D in a live-action feature film as of late.”

“truly… a modern indie gem that really, really deserves a place among the greats.”

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Daily Grindhouse: “A triumph on all fronts”


“The scares are sudden, vibrant, and earned”

“The 3D effects are stellar… The film fully embraces the format, and cleverly uses it to put you inside this world as it falls apart — it uses it to make the horror, both spectral and visceral, feel more real.”

“whip crack smart”

“Alena von Stroheim’s Amy is sympathetic, complex, and feels as real as any award bait mumblecore film”

“DeGennaro and his cast and crew have brought to life the ideal love child of multiple gimmicks and the end result is much greater than the sum of its parts.”

“Smartly written, believably acted, and deftly crafted, FOUND FOOTAGE 3D is funny, smart, and scary as hell.”

“a triumph on all fronts”

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Modern Horrors: “My ass (my literal ass) left the seat three, maybe four times.”


“This isn’t just a movie for horror fans”

“Found Footage 3D is not only deliciously self aware, but it’s also a damn fine found-footage movie.”

“This is definitely a movie that you want to see in its intended format (3D).”

“There are some expertly timed jump scares and some meticulously crafted sound design that are sure to hit their mark. My ass (my literal ass) left the seat three… maybe four times. ”

“This is a movie that should be seen by Found Footage supporters and haters alike.”