We are excited to finally be able to tell you the first (and biggest) piece of news about our distribution plans. We've been bursting at the seams to share this for MONTHS.

Found Footage 3D has been bought by AMC Networks for their horror streaming service Shudder, which has been called "The Netflix of Horror". The movie will be available on their streaming platform starting October 26th, just in time for Halloween! And best of all, it will be available in 2D, 3D side-by-side (for 3D televisions and VR), and red-blue anaglyph 3D. Indiegogo backers: dust off those 3D glasses!

Shudder is currently available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Ireland. But as we have mentioned, this is only the beginning of the good news. More territories will be announced soon, as will plans for further media, including DVD, blu ray, iTunes, etc.

We know that many of you have been on this journey with us for several years, and we are so grateful for your support and your patience. We can't wait to finally share the film with the wider world!

Check out the write up in Entertainment Weekly.



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Our Poster is Getting Crowded

It's getting harder and harder to fit all of the laurels on our poster. Check out this new version:


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Gruesome Spread


The good folks over at Gruesome Magazine have seen fit to put us on the cover of their first ever print edition. Inside, you'll find a great 3-page spread on the film (including an interview with director Steven DeGennaro) that concludes with:

In the end, Found Footage 3D is an exceptional addition to the found footage family of films. While it will certainly be known for the immersive 3D aspect, its ability to seamlessly move from an almost satirical take on the style to an outright horror movie is what it should be lauded and, ultimately, remembered for.

To read the whole article, you can buy the digital version with discount code HNR to get 50% off. Or better yet, order the print version and make it a permanent part of your collection!


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Spring Screenings

We have several more successful screenings in the books, including our Spanish Premiere at FANT Bilbao in May and our Pacific Northwest Premiere at Bonebat Comedy of Horrors in April.

Upcoming screenings include:

  • our Scandinavian Premiere TONIGHT in Stockholm at Elmsta 3000 (in 3D, with Alena von Stroheim in attendance!)
  • a special screening put on by the awesome people at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival next Friday (May 26th)
  • an encore screening in Lublin Poland (where FF3D won four Audience Awards last September)
  • and--most exciting of all--our Philadelphia Premiere on June 4th, with hometown heroes Scott Weinberg and Tom Saporito in attendance (plus Heather Langenkamp and Don Dokken as special guests!).

As always, screening info and tickets can be found on our screenings page. Enjoy the show(s)!


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Steve's 2016 Favorites

I saw 118 feature films in the theater this year, and yet I had a pretty hard time compiling this list. I saw a lot of good movies, but I feel like I saw very few GREAT ones. Very little truly blew me away, including a lot of the films everyone else is putting on their end-of-year lists. It’s not that those movies--or many of the others I saw and liked--weren’t good. It’s just that few of them particularly touched me, for some reason. I can count on one hand the number of times I cried in a theater this year, which is very unusual (I’m a big movie crier; I admit it). And nothing I saw left me as slack-jawed as The Witch or Goodnight Mommy from last year, or pushed artistic boundaries as interestingly as Birdman the year before. I can’t tell if I’m just getting old, or if being a filmmaker and seeing how the sausage is made has made movies more difficult to appreciate. But for whatever reason, it felt like a very 'meh' year for me.

That said, I did see some great stuff, mostly at festivals (of which I attended 10 this year, thanks to Found Footage 3D). I like to include festival movies on my list because I think it’s good to make people aware so that you can catch them in their general release. Here’s the best of what I saw in 2016:

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Found Footage 3D Makes Several Best-of-2016 Lists

We aren't even in official release yet and Found Footage 3D is already being hailed by several major outlets as one of the best films of 2016 and a must-see release in 2017.

Brad Miska at Bloody Disgusting puts FF3D on his "Best Horror Films of 2016" and calls it "a modern indie gem that really, really deserves a place among the greats."

Over at Birth.Movies.Death, Kayln Corrigan asked indie filmmakers to pick their top 5 movies of 2016. In his selection of FF3D, horror icon Joe Lynch says "what gobsmacked me what how well the 3D worked both as a comment on the format but also to legit work the crowd... This was a perfect genre festival screening; laughter, cheers, actual SCREAMS as the film unfolds. The audience felt exhilarated when it was over."

The Austin Chronicle calls us one of the Top 10 Festival Films You Haven't Seen Yet and declares "Austin filmmaker Steven DeGennaro knew exactly what he was doing when he made this horror-comedy."

iHorror names us one of the 5 Film Festival Horror Movies to Look for in 2017. Jason Coffman calls the film "a smart, funny satire of the form that happens to double as an excellent example of it" and lauds the movie's "brilliantly inventive uses for its 3D. This is a 3D movie that absolutely must be seen on the big screen for maximum effect."

Found Footage Critic picks us as one of their 5 Highly Anticipated Found Footage Films for 2017: "We can confidently say that this 3D movie is a solid feature that found footage horror fans should place on their must-see list".

And finally, Joshua Millican at HorrorFreakNews puts FF3D on his list of 15 Amazing Horror Movies from 2016 You Probably Missed and says that "all of us who saw Found Footage 3D during its run on the festival circuit agree it’s one of 2016’s best."

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