Daily Grindhouse: “A triumph on all fronts”


“The scares are sudden, vibrant, and earned”

“The 3D effects are stellar… The film fully embraces the format, and cleverly uses it to put you inside this world as it falls apart — it uses it to make the horror, both spectral and visceral, feel more real.”

“whip crack smart”

“Alena von Stroheim’s Amy is sympathetic, complex, and feels as real as any award bait mumblecore film”

“DeGennaro and his cast and crew have brought to life the ideal love child of multiple gimmicks and the end result is much greater than the sum of its parts.”

“Smartly written, believably acted, and deftly crafted, FOUND FOOTAGE 3D is funny, smart, and scary as hell.”

“a triumph on all fronts”

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