Scream Horror Mag: “Simply amazing in almost every way possible”


“a found footage film for people that hate the genre”

“simply amazing in almost every way possible”

“some very effective uses of 3D”

“you’re best to have some fresh underwear at hand by the time the end credits roll”

“does for the sub-genre what Scream did for slashers”

“side-splitting comedy and super effective scares”

“a self-aware gem that takes great pride in poking fun at the genre on one hand whilst turning all expectations upside down”

“this movie is a ton of fun”

“There’s not only some incredible gags along the way but there’s also a few jumpy moments that had me literally leaping out of my seat.”

“you will take great pleasure in screaming with laughter one minute then screaming with terror the next”


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Horror Talk: “may well rekindle your dwindling love of the shaky cam”


“a surprisingly refreshing movie that may well rekindle your dwindling love of the shaky cam”

“the Scream of its time”

“Fully aware of the subgenre’s failings, they’re able to produce a film that is both funny and scary.”

“When the film starts to get darker it’s done effortlessly, you forget you’re not laughing anymore and are actually hooked on where the scares will be coming from next.”

“a truly satisfying cinema experience”

“fantastic performances”

“What the filmmakers have achieved here is everything it set out to and more.”

“fun, new and exciting”


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Britflicks: “this is a horror film first, found footage second”


“DeGennaro has done for the worn out, abused found footage sub-genre what Wes Craven’s Scream did for slashers”

“a very clever film that knows it knows the subject well”

“like Scream, it is not just an academic exercise of cleaning the film palate. It genuinely works on its own terms”

“The laughs are funny and the unsettling scares are the perfect reminder this is a horror film first, found footage second.”

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Electric Shadows: “#1 Film at FrightFest 2016”


“Steven DeGennaro’s debut movie is all hit”

“Brimming with irresistible in-jokes and a wry self-awareness about the clichés and plot holes of the found footage genre”

“does a perfect balancing act between genuine comedy, affecting drama and scream aloud ghost-train scares”

“Give this man a Marvel movie now.”

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Horror Cult Films: “The most successful marriage of comedy and horror I can think of”


“less winky that Scream, less spoofy than Shaun of the Dead, and less smug than Cabin in the Woods”

“DeGennaro knows when to reign in the movie so it never goes up its own arse”

“as a comedy horror Found Footage 3D handles and blends both aspects brilliantly”

“genuine belly laughs along with moments of real tension”

“may be the most successful marriage of the genres I can think of”


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Scifi Now: “Funny, scary and inventive”


“a lot of fun”

“catnip for genre fans who are exhausted by terrible lazy found footage films but haven’t given up hope that the technique can still be used well”


“The relationships between the characters are very well-drawn and the performances are strong”

“It also manages to pull off that extremely difficult horror comedy trick of being properly funny and genuinely scary.”

“Funny, scary and inventive, this is highly recommended.”

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Projected Figures: “Scream updated for the digicam generation”


“smart, funny, and frightening”

“This is not so much Scary Movie-style dumb-assed spoofery as self-aware, sophisticated meta-horror – think Scream updated for the digicam generation.”

“the normal boundaries between story and production, artifice and artefact, are utterly deconstructed.”

“Yet by repeatedly drawing attention to the hackneyed nature of his film’s many tropes while still giving each of them a fresh spin, DeGennaro gets to have his cake and shoot it too. The results are smart, funny, and ultimately frightening, making Found Footage 3D a discovery that is canny and uncanny all at once.”

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Hollywood News: “Fans and haters of the found footage film will all find something to enjoy”


Found Footage 3D is on a whole different level. This film has more layers than the end section of Inception.”

“The scares are chilling and, in at least one instance, shocking.”

“The 3D works well and has a purpose”

“In an over saturated genre, Found Footage 3D holds it’s own – Scream meets The Blair Witch Project.”

“Fans and haters of the found footage film will all find something to enjoy.”

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KIMT: “One of the best films I’ve ever seen of any kind.”

“This is the best found footage movie ever made.  It is the best 3D movie I’ve ever seen.  It is not only one of the best horror-comedies I’ve ever seen, it’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen of any kind.  DeGennaro’s script is brilliant.  The actors are excellent.  The camerawork and 3D effects are mesmerizing.  This movie MUST be released in 3,000+ theaters across the country or every single Hollywood studio might as well be swallowed up by gigantic sink holes because if they can’t present something this great to the widest possible audience, there’s no longer any reason for them to exist.”


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A.V. Club: “My favorite kind of horror-comedy… funny right up until it’s not”


“It’s a movie that really respects its audience’s intelligence, both by winking at them and by delivering real scares.”

“yeah, you do need to see it in 3-D”

“clever, highly satisfying”

“has some real gnarly practical effects”

“my favorite kind of horror-comedy, which is the kind that’s funny right up until it’s not funny at all.”

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