Found Footage 3D Makes Several Best-of-2016 Lists

We aren’t even in official release yet and Found Footage 3D is already being hailed by several major outlets as one of the best films of 2016 and a must-see release in 2017.

Brad Miska at Bloody Disgusting puts FF3D on his “Best Horror Films of 2016” and calls it “a modern indie gem that really, really deserves a place among the greats.”

Over at Birth.Movies.Death, Kayln Corrigan asked indie filmmakers to pick their top 5 movies of 2016. In his selection of FF3D, horror icon Joe Lynch says “what gobsmacked me what how well the 3D worked both as a comment on the format but also to legit work the crowd… This was a perfect genre festival screening; laughter, cheers, actual SCREAMS as the film unfolds. The audience felt exhilarated when it was over.”

The Austin Chronicle calls us one of the Top 10 Festival Films You Haven’t Seen Yet and declares “Austin filmmaker Steven DeGennaro knew exactly what he was doing when he made this horror-comedy.”

iHorror names us one of the 5 Film Festival Horror Movies to Look for in 2017. Jason Coffman calls the film “a smart, funny satire of the form that happens to double as an excellent example of it” and lauds the movie’s “brilliantly inventive uses for its 3D. This is a 3D movie that absolutely must be seen on the big screen for maximum effect.”

Found Footage Critic picks us as one of their 5 Highly Anticipated Found Footage Films for 2017: “We can confidently say that this 3D movie is a solid feature that found footage horror fans should place on their must-see list”.

And finally, Joshua Millican at HorrorFreakNews puts FF3D on his list of 15 Amazing Horror Movies from 2016 You Probably Missed and says that “all of us who saw Found Footage 3D during its run on the festival circuit agree it’s one of 2016’s best.”

Final Fall Tally

Our fall festival run is over. In the final tally we played 21 screenings at 20 festivals in 11 U.S. states and 6 foreign countries on 4 different continents.

Along the way we picked up 15 awards, including 4 Best Features, 4 Audience Awards, 2 Best Special FX, a Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, and 4 Best Actors for 3 different actors.

Not a bad haul…

Have no fear if you haven’t had a chance yet to see the film. We promise to return in the Spring not only with more festivals, but with news about our general release!


More Awards

FF3D has picked up SIX more awards in the last two weeks:

Audience Award – Austin Film Festival (Austin, TX)
Best Feature – Madtown Horror (Madison, WI)
Best Director (Steven DeGennaro) – Madtown Horror (Madison, WI)
Best Special Effects – Madtown Horror (Madison, WI)
Best Actress (Alena von Stroheim) – Madtown Horror (Madison, WI)
Best Actress (Alena von Stroheim) – Eerie Horror Film Festival (Edinboro, PA)

This brings our total to 13 awards in 8 festivals. Not too shabby…


HorrorFreakNews: “A definite ‘do not miss’!”


“a definite ‘do not miss’!”

“strikingly funny”

“destined to become a franchise”

“when the ensemble is as strong as this one, well… I can’t help but swoon”

“there’s not a misstep to be found as far as authenticity”

Read the rest of the review here.

We Live Film: “Funny and Scary with an engaging cast”


“funny and scary with an engaging cast”

“director Steven DeGennaro couches this loving spoof of found footage movies in the sort of real human drama that many found footage movies lack”

“a movie that knows found footage movies, voicing the frustration of fans who feel disrespected by jump scares and thin reasons to keep the cameras on”

“an insightful look at moviemaking at a time when every A-hole with a video camera thinks they can make the next Blair Witch Project.”

Culture Crypt: “A shockingly graphic climax”


“among the better found footage films”

“a shockingly graphic climax reinvigorates energy for the film’s final breaths”

“immense credit goes to the film’s complete cast and director Steven DeGennaro for keeping comedy tuned with subtlety so it doesn’t detract from the drama.”

“the actors and actresses fit into their roles with precisely the right pinch of personality. It’s impressive to see how everyone resists temptations to hit obvious one-notes, instead creating genuine characters that could easily have been simple stereotypes.”

Awards Awards Awards!

Found Footage 3D continues to steamroll over the competition, winning another three awards this weekend.


In four awards-eligible festivals, FF3D has picked up a whopping SEVEN awards, including three for “Best Feature”. Our awards thus far include:

Jury Award – Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival (Chicago, IL)
Audience Award: Best Feature – Splat! Film Fest (Lublin, Poland)
Audience Award: Scariest Feature – Splat! Film Fest (Lublin, Poland)
Audience Award: Best Special FX – Splat! Film Fest (Lublin, Poland)
Best Feature – Fear Fete Horror Con (Biloxi, MS)
Best Cinematography – Horrorquest (Atlanta, GA)
Best Supporting Actor (Scott Allen Perry) – Horrorquest (Atlanta, GA)

AICN: “The last found-footage horror movie that you’ll ever need to see”


“right up there with some of the best horror works I’ve seen in 2016”

“It’s clear that DeGennaro and his team’s primary mission is to scare the bejesus out of us, and on that front, he is absolutely successful.”

“the last found-footage movie that you ever need to see”

“The last thing I expected from this film was to get emotionally involved in this bitter interpersonal drama, but it’s difficult not to when the venom begins flying early and never lets up.”

“The movie manages to both condemn the format and be a beacon of hope that it can be done correctly”

“My only real criteria for whether a horror film succeeds or not is whether it scares me, and if that’s all you really care about, FOUND FOOTAGE 3D has got that covered. But it’s the movie’s insight, powers of observation, and dedication to creating actual characters (and not just cannon fodder) that pushes it into the realm of essential viewing.”

Read the full review here.

Wicked Horror: “Up there with the best of the best in modern horror-comedy”


“pure genius”

“up there with the best of the best in modern horror-comedy”

“hugely entertaining, creepy and scary and fun”

Found Footage 3D is just a terrifically funny, brilliantly meta horror-comedy that manages to somehow hit all the beats of a great found footage movie, too.”

“we might just be celebrating Found Footage 3D in the same breath as Scream and The Blair Witch Project

“It’s difficult to believe this is writer/director Steven DeGennaro’s debut feature, given how utterly self-assured and well-considered it is”

“To-camera interviews are beautifully captured outdoors, and the [3D] format actually allows for some decent and, crucially, different movements along the way.”

“The scares are well-orchestrated and expertly handled”

“the characters feel lived in and instantly recognisable”


Read the full review here.