AICN: “The last found-footage horror movie that you’ll ever need to see”


“right up there with some of the best horror works I’ve seen in 2016”

“It’s clear that DeGennaro and his team’s primary mission is to scare the bejesus out of us, and on that front, he is absolutely successful.”

“the last found-footage movie that you ever need to see”

“The last thing I expected from this film was to get emotionally involved in this bitter interpersonal drama, but it’s difficult not to when the venom begins flying early and never lets up.”

“The movie manages to both condemn the format and be a beacon of hope that it can be done correctly”

“My only real criteria for whether a horror film succeeds or not is whether it scares me, and if that’s all you really care about, FOUND FOOTAGE 3D has got that covered. But it’s the movie’s insight, powers of observation, and dedication to creating actual characters (and not just cannon fodder) that pushes it into the realm of essential viewing.”

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