The Reviews are In!

After two very successful, sold-out festival screenings, the reviews are starting to come in and frankly they are better than we could possibly have hoped for. Found footage is notoriously NOT a critic-friendly subgenre, but in our case the critics seem to agree with the audience and have had almost universally positive things to say about the film. We are grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support. Highlights from some of our favorite reviews are below. You can find even more on our reviews page.


“one of the best 3D and one of the best found footage movies I’ve ever seen.”

“delivers one of the best 3D experiences I’ve had in a theater since the format had its resurgence in 2009”

“a brilliant sendup of the subgenre”


“the near-perfect horror experience”

“truly… a modern indie gem that really, really deserves a place among the greats”

“the 3D is exceptional…. I think you’ll find it hard to show me a more impressive use of 3D in a live-action feature film”

“This is the best found footage movie ever made.  It is the best 3D movie I’ve ever seen.  It is not only one of the best horror-comedies I’ve ever seen, it’s one of the best films I’ve ever seen of any kind.  DeGennaro’s script is brilliant.  The actors are excellent.  The camerawork and 3D effects are mesmerizing.  This movie MUST be released in 3,000+ theaters across the country or every single Hollywood studio might as well be swallowed up by gigantic sink holes because if they can’t present something this great to the widest possible audience, there’s no longer any reason for them to exist.”


“simply amazing in almost every way possible”

“you’re best to have some fresh underwear at hand by the time the end credits roll”

“a found footage film for people that hate the genre”

“some very effective uses of 3D”

“had me literally leaping out of my seat”

“right up there with some of the best horror works I’ve seen in 2016”

“The last found-footage horror movie that you’ll ever need to see”

“essential viewing”


“a definite ‘do not miss’!”

“destined to become a franchise”

“strikingly funny”

“when the ensemble is as strong as this one, well… I can’t help but swoon”


“one of the best found footage movies ever made”

“has an amazing ability to shift tones and sympathies multiple times in the course of a single scene”

“the rare sendup that works as both a goof on the thing and as a great example of the thing itself”

“a gem and a joy”

“paid me back for all of the Blair Witch imitations I’ve watched over the last 17 years”

“It sets out to deconstruct every trope that it then implements perfectly”

“in the way that Scream dealt with slasher movies, Found Footage 3D deals with 3D AND found footage”


“My ass (my literal ass) left the seat four times”

“definitely a movie that you want to see in 3D”

“should be seen by found footage supporters and haters alike”

“not just for horror fans”


“an absolutely hilarious take down AND a love letter to the sub genre”

“Comedy and horror are pulled off well here, and sometimes not even from scene to scene, but back and forth during one single sequence”

“supernatural elements run riot in the glorious and scary final act”

“#1 film at FrightFest 2016”

“Steven DeGennaro’s debut movie is all hit”

“does a perfect balancing act between genuine comedy, affecting drama and scream aloud ghost-train scares”

“Give this man a Marvel movie now!”


“well devised shit-your-pants scares”

“deftly written dialogue and inspired humor”

“the effects should ideally be seen in 3D to be truly appreciated as the 2D version doesn’t do the film anywhere near as much justice”

“by far one of the better horror/comedies I’ve seen”


“a surprisingly refreshing movie that may well rekindle your dwindling love of the shaky cam”

“When the film starts to get darker it’s done so effortlessly you forget you’re not laughing anymore”

“the Scream of its time”

“the best found footage film since the original Blair Witch Project and possibly the best ever!”

“some of the best 3D that I’ve ever seen”


“a triumph on all fronts”

“the 3D effects are stellar”

“Smartly written, believably acted, and deftly crafted, FOUND FOOTAGE 3D is funny, smart, and scary as hell”


“the Scream for found footage movies”

“a super-meta comedy film that slowly turns into a horror film in the best way possible”

“the 3D works… it actually feels like you’re there”

“my favorite kind of horror-comedy, which is the kind that’s funny right up until it’s not funny at all”

“really respects its audience’s intelligence, both by winking at them and by delivering real scares”

“clever, highly satisfying”

“you need to see it in 3-D”

Scream updated for the digicam generation”

“for those of you who are fed up to the teeth with both found footage and 3D, both are very good here”

“smart, funny, and ultimately frightening”


“pure genius”

“hugely entertaining, creepy and scary and fun”

“up there with the best of the best in modern horror-comedy”

“catnip for genre fans who are exhausted by terrible lazy found footage films”

“pulls off that extremely difficult horror comedy trick of being properly funny and genuinely scary”

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