Special Effects

Today we had our first special effects shot of the film.

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We’re incredibly lucky to have Everett Byrom III as our special effects supervisor. Everett’s worked on dozens of major films, including Dante’s Peak, Armageddon, Jurassic Park III, and the Spy Kids franchise. And true to form, he knocked it out of the park.

We won’t go into too many details, but we got the whole thing in one take, kept everything safe, scared our neighbors from half a mile away, and left a heck of a mess for our art department to clean up:



Picture’s Up

Picture’s up on Found Footage 3D! Early Sunday morning cast and crew arrived at the home of our Executive Producer Joe Woskow in Austin, TX, which was our first location (Derek’s home). Despite the grey weather and a few delays, the hard work of the cast and crew kept production ahead of schedule and then some, letting us shoot an extra two hours of improv scenes.


Makeup Test Time

Make-up artist Eric Zapata tests out some scary make-up concepts on actress Alena von Stroheim. Don’t you so wish you could see what this looks like from the front?


How to Light a Spot from 200 Yards Away

Charles, Steven, and our DP Drew Daniels figure out how we’re going to light this spot at night from two hundred yards away. You know, without making it look like we’re lighting this spot from two hundred yards away.


Video Diary: Big-time Hollywood Producer

This week’s update comes to you from Los Angeles, where we spent several days doing auditions. Steven tease some big casting news.

[We apologize for the sound and the focus issues, but Steven had to shoot this himself and there was a limited amount of equipment he could bring with him.]

Watch the 3D version here.