Get to know Steven and FF3D sat down with Steven for an interview to get his thoughts on the concepts behind Found Footage 3D and how 3D and comedy will play an important role in the film. Also, find out what films inspired Steven to start directing in the first place.

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Interview: Steven Discusses Future of Found Footage

Right on the heels of last week’s article in the Austin Chronicle, online movie blog The Popcorn Muncher published this interview with Steven, in which our fear-inducing director discusses his thoughts on the difference between a good found footage movie and a bad one, and what sets FF3D apart.


FF3D Featured in the Austin Chronicle

Chronicle-Screengrab.jpgToday, the Austin Chronicle (Austin’s #1 entertainment and culture weekly) published an article about FF3D — our first to appear in print (though definitely not the last).

Richard Whittaker (the article’s author) has been a fan of ours ever since we screened our Proof of Concept at the Alamo Drafthouse last September. So when we reached out to him and asked if he’d join us on set during the final week of filming, he jumped at the chance. He visited on Stunt Day — when most of our characters reach their untimely demise — and he had a great time, which is pretty obvious from the article. Give it a read.

And maybe turn off the lights and light a candle first to get yourself into the mood.

Steven Interviewed by Halloween Love Blog

Did you know Found Footage 3D wasn’t originally planned to be filmed in 3D? Or that our use of camcorders offers a number of tremendous advantages in how you’ll enjoy the movie, visually?

Fresh off production, John Squires published an interview with Steven last night on Halloween Love Blog. Find out everything you didn’t know and everything you need to know about our film.