Video Diary: Gathering Steam

The first in a series of weekly updates by the director himself on the progress of Found Footage 3D. This week Steven talks about his fear of dying in a fiery train wreck sometime in the next two months.

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Watch the 3D version here.

Starting the Playoff Beard

Found Footage 3D director Steven DeGennaro shaves his beard off for the first time in 3 1/2 years in order to start his “playoff beard”. He will no longer shave, buzz, trim, shape, or pluck a single hair on his face until we sell the movie to a distributor.

Watch the 3D version here.

Lost in the Woods

Have you ever found yourself wanting to make a found footage movie about people wanting to make a fake found footage movie that turns into a real found footage movie, but accidentally found yourself becoming a part of a found footage movie that you hope some day will be found? Yeah, it hurts our head as well.

Building a pair of 3D glasses for my 3D Camera

For our 3D found footage horror movie, we needed our cameraman character to film people watching footage on a 3D monitor. Normally, whatever was playing on the monitor would appear at the plane of the monitor’s screen, but for certain scenes, we needed the footage on the monitor to appear to recess into or pop out of the monitor. After exploring several very expensive and time-consuming visual effects approaches for replacing the footage on the screen in post-production, we decided that we had neither the time nor the money to do it properly. So instead, we came up with an extremely low-tech but very convincing way of accomplishing the same goal…