Video Diary: Starting the Playoff Beard (3D)

Found Footage 3D director Steven DeGennaro shaves his beard off for the first time in 3 1/2 years in order to start his “playoff beard”. He will no longer shave, buzz, trim, shape, or pluck a single hair on his face until we sell the movie to a distributor.

Watch the 2D version here.

Teaser Shoot: Acting Warmups (3D)

Actors have all sorts of special techniques to help them warm up and get into their parts. For some, it’s tongue twisters and breathing exercises. For others, it’s becoming one with their spirit animal. Check out Ryan as he tries to get in the mindset of a chicken.

Teaser Shoot: Shameless Plugging (3D)

Sometimes, you just have to let your actors speak for themselves about what an amazing project it is that they’re working on, and all of their favorite things about the shoot. This week, Ryan and Bridget discuss the power of working in 3D.

Teaser Shoot: The Art of Set Dressing (3D)

Just how do we make a scene feel like it’s happening in a real place, and not a film set? It all come’s down to some very careful arrangement of the props and scenery….and it definitely helps if you can move really, really fast!

Lost in the Woods

Have you ever found yourself wanting to make a found footage movie about people wanting to make a fake found footage movie that turns into a real found footage movie, but accidentally found yourself becoming a part of a found footage movie that you hope some day will be found? Yeah, it hurts our head as well.

Teaser Shoot: Lucas..Busted (3D)

A behind the scenes sneak peak of the hard work that goes into shoot day, and the necessary use of time management to keep all things running smoothly.