Trailer 3D

Exclusively for you, our most loyal fans, we present our trailer in glorious 3D. Choose your format and enjoy! (2D version here)

Side-by-side (for 3D TVs and monitors)

Anaglyph (for red-blue glasses)

Full frame side-by-side (for wide-angle VR goggles)

Small side-by-side (for Google Cardboard and narrow-angle VR)

Video Diary: Killing Vegetables (3D)

It’s been a while, but Steve is back to let you in on a part of the filmmaking process that the general public rarely gets a glimpse of: creating horror sound effects. Watch Steve beat the shit out of some fruits and vegetables and make a big mess. Educational AND cathartic.

You’ll want to listen to this one through headphones!

Video Diary: Editing in 3D (3D)

Itching for your first look at the film? Well wait no longer.

Steven gives us a lesson on 3D editing while showing us actual footage from the film. What more could you want? Oh, the actual movie? Give us a little more time.

Watch the 2D version here.

Video Diary: Getting the Shot (3D)

For obvious reasons, Steven didn’t have much time to keep up with his video diaries while we were on set. But we did manage to get this one in, where he walks you through how to make a “simple” shot that’s way more complicated than it looks.

Watch the 2D version here.

Production Update: Week 3 Highlights (3D)

The last week of filming was filled with more blood and gore than the first two weeks combined. There were stunts, plot twists, and all kinds of other excitement, so of course, we’ve compiled a few of the best moments for you to see.

Watch the 2D version here.

Murder Blow

Our female lead got irritated with the photographer and decided to take matters into her own hands.