“First Date” Wins 4th Audience Award at The Show!

Last night, Charlie Hodge at his monthly event The Show! screened:

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  • FF3D writer/director Steven’s DeGennaro’s short film “First Date”;
  • A five minute clip from FF3D that has never before been seen by the public; and
  • Our Indiegogo campaign video.

The audience loved all three.

There were three other shorts that screened that night, which, along with “First Date,” were in contention for a single spot at the Hollyshorts Film Festival.

The audience voted “First Date” as their favorite, which means that it will be heading to Los Angeles in November.

This is the 4th Audience Award for “First Date”.  The other three were at the DC Shorts Film Festival (out of 140 films), the Taos Shortz Film Festival (out of 88), and the Dam Short Film Festival (out of 146).

You can watch it in its entirety here:

We promise it will be the most terrifying and hilarious 13 minutes of your life.

Stay tuned for the official launch of our Indiegogo campaign tomorrow