That’s a Wrap!

On May 25, 2014, we began rolling cameras on the world’s first 3D found footage horror film. Two days later, six actors and twenty-seven crew members descended on a ranch 10 miles outside of Gonzales, Texas, and completely took it over for the next three weeks. We¬†braved snakes, spiders, wasps, and billions of mosquitoes to make a film that we hope (and the footage seems to suggest) will go down in history.

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Our final day of shooting began during a full moon on Friday the 13th and ended at 6:50 the following morning, when we finally shot our last frame:


Now begins the long process of post production. We have 600 Gb of raw picture footage to review, over a dozen visual effects shots to render, and the all important sound to design, so that this time next year you’ll all be able to watch this in theaters and be as excited to see it as we’ve been making it.

We’ll continue to post videos and photos, so keep coming back for all the latest news and content.