Which Video Makes the Best Teaser?

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Next month we'll be launching an Indiegogo campaign, so we'll be publicly releasing the first clips of Found Footage 3D. But we want your help to figure out which of these three clips makes the best teaser for the film. 

Found Footage 3D Teaser Clips

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  • Steve Anderson
    The first one is good because it teases the relationship between the director and producer, which is pretty central to the film.

    The second one I like the least because I’m not sure it communicates anything distinctive about the characters or plot, and I’m not sure it would get the attention of people who aren’t film geeks.

    The third one is the best because the actors are funny, so it has wide appeal. Also, it ends ominously with the camera taped to the cabinet, and foreshadows the underlying concept of the movie: some scary shit is gonna probably happen later. It got me interested in the story, and made me curious to see more.

    My two cents. Can’t wait to see this movie for real!