The Finish Line is in Sight!

Well... the picture is locked, and after a long week cleaning up project files and reconforming temp mixes and yada yada (and then another week putting out fires with regard to our taxes for this year), I’m finally getting to do what it is I do best: sound.


I cannot even being to describe how happy it makes me to finally be doing the sound for this movie. Fifteen years of training of my ears, hands, and instincts have me powering through it and not looking back. Picture editing always feels clunky to me. But once I get back into Pro Tools, it's like my body and brain just remember what to do and do it. It's a good feeling.

It’s also good to start seeing the shape of the final movie for real. So much of any movie depends on sound, but for a horror movie in particular, sound is make or break. The emotional weight of a movie rests largely on the soundtrack.  And for FF3D, being found footage, it’s even more true. There’s no score to fall back on to goose the tension. No music stingers to make a jump scare work. Everything is riding on the sound now, and it’s daunting but it’s fun.

I’m still in the clean-up phase at the moment—editing and polishing the dialog to make sure every word is understandable (when I want them to be, at any rate). And even just this simple step has really made my ears smile. I’ve spent almost a year listening to the crappy, incomplete, dirty, cutty, noisy, wonky dialog tracks every time I’ve watched the movie. I’d almost forgotten that they were never supposed to sound that way. Hearing it now is like putting my sneakers back on after a long day of skiing or roller skating. It really does feel like walking on air.

Anyway... we press onwards. A lot of the visual effects that Trevor and the guys at Mighty Coconut are doing are starting to look finished. And for the first time in three years, I can really start to see (and hear) what the final movie is going to be like. For better and, occasionally, for worse, the movie will be finished in a little less than two months. Then it will no longer be up to me. It will be up to you guys. I hope it lives up to your expectations, and I can’t wait to show it to you!

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  • Michelle Lee Hall
    This sounds like a really cool project! I’m enjoying following the progress and catching your tweets on Twitter: Scott Weinberg (Mr. Wiseass 😄 and Pete Barnstrom) ~