Kristen Stewart Cast in Found Footage 3D

After months of negotiations, the producers of Found Footage 3D are thrilled to announce that they have cast Kristen Stewart, star of box office smashes Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman to play the female lead.

Found Footage 3D follows the story of a group of filmmakers who set out to make “the first 3D found footage horror film,” but find themselves in a 3D found footage horror film when the evil entity from their movie escapes into their behind-the-scenes footage. In keeping with the found footage tradition, Ms. Stewart will use her own name in the film, taking on the role of “Kristen,” the shallow, image-obsessed, narcissistic Hollywood brat.

“Kristen was born to play this role,” says writer/director Steven DeGennaro. “Yes, it’s unusual to cast a major star in a found footage movie, but we feel we have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the film’s story, as well as Ms. Stewart’s obviously significant box office appeal.”

Noting that in found footage horror movies everybody dies by the end, DeGennaro asserts that “between her existing fan base and the legions of people who would gladly pay to see her suffer a gruesome death, there should be something in this movie for everyone.

“Plus, Kristen Stewart and 3D are a natural match,” he says. “For the first time in her career, no one will be able to accuse her of a ‘flat’ performance.” He adds that her history of sleeping with her directors had no bearing on the decision to cast her. None at all, he swears.

Ms. Stewart is assumed to be excited about the role, but it’s difficult to tell from her facial expression.

Found Footage 3D begins filming this May near Austin, Texas. In the meantime, audiences can catch Ms. Stewart in her newest film, Desperately Trying to Emote, which opens this weekend.

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