From the Co-Creator of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: “Found Footage 3D” Enters Pre-Production

The producers of Found Footage 3D announced this week that they are entering pre-production. The independently financed film, produced by Texas Chainsaw Massacre co-creator Kim Henkel, is scheduled to begin shooting mid-May near Austin, TX.

The film tells the story of a group of filmmakers who set out to make “the first 3D found footage horror film,” and find themselves in the first 3D found footage horror film when the evil entity from their movie escapes into their behind the scenes footage.

“The time is ripe for this film,” says writer/director Steven DeGennaro. “The 3D aspect isn’t just a marketing ploy—it’s integrated into the story in a very Scream-esque sort of way. There are things that we can do, as a found footage movie shot in 3D, that no found footage movie or 3D movie has ever been able to do before.” He stresses that while the script has a lot of laughs, the film will be “truly terrifying.” DeGennaro is producing, along with Charles Mulford.

Henkel has produced nine films to date, which have grossed $224 million at the worldwide box office. His latest effort, Butcher Boys, was released theatrically by Phase 4 in September.

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