Found Footage 3D vs. The Flood

Mother nature strikes again. The gloomy weather on our first day of shooting in Austin couldn't even compare to what awaited the Found Footage 3D cast and crew upon arrival in Gonzales, TX. Due to the remote location of our primary set, the only way to get there is via mostly-unpaved country roads. It turns out that these roads are extremely susceptible to flooding, meaning that the extremely heavy rainfall from the previous day had essentially turned them into small rivers.

So what did we do? We drove straight through them, of course. 

What used to be a road is now more like a lake


We had one vehicle stall early in the day, and in order to avoid another we had to find a more creative way to gauge the depth of the flooding... 

Literally testing the water

In the end, Found Footage 3D won, though. In spite of a three hour delay to start the day and several more hours' delay as we navigated the flood, we still managed to shoot everything we had scheduled. 

Tomorrow we shoot our first special effects scene. Stay tuned.

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