Found Footage 3D to Shoot in Gonzales, TX

The meta horror film Found Footage 3D has inked a deal for its scary cabin in the woods.

The cabin, which comprises the setting for about 90% of the film, is located on a 300 acre ranch near Gonzales, TX, about 70 miles east of San Antonio.

“Given that every horror movie ever made takes place in a scary cabin in the woods, it was surprisingly difficult to find the perfect location,” says writer/director Steven DeGennaro. “But after almost a year of searching—starting last July before we shot our teaser trailer—we’ve finally found it.”


The filmmakers even launched a contest, offering fans a $1,000 prize to the person who could refer them to the ideal setting.


In the end, it came through one of their own—actor/director/producer Justin Meeks, who co-directed 2012’s Butcher Boys, which was written and produced by FF3D producer Kim Henkel of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre fame.


The remainder of the film will be shot in Austin, Dale, and one other yet-to-be determined Central Texas location.

Found Footage 3D will shoot for three and a half weeks beginning in late May.

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