'Found Footage 3D Wraps: Indie Horror Film Tweaks the Genre - Austin Chronicle
July 18, 2014
"At the end of a dirt track, a few miles outside of sleepy, time-locked Gonzales, Texas, it's the penultimate night of shooting on the indie horror film Found Footage 3D. To the north, the late June lightning storm that blasted Central Texas revs up, sparking like Frankenstein's million-volt generator. The air stinks of ozone and a pack of semi-feral dogs circles anxiously, just outside the lights. The crew doesn't have time to worry about any of that. Doused in bug repellant, stomping the ground to scare off snakes slithering up from the creek, they still have a shot to get." 

Q&A – Found Footage 3D Writer-Director Steven DeGennaro on the Difficulties of Found Footage Horror - The Popcorn Muncher
July 18, 2014
&ldquoIt used to be that making a really bad movie ... meant at the very least convincing someone to hand over half a million dollars. Now you can make a shitty movie for less than it costs to buy a used car. On the one hand, that’s led to a lot of creative freedom for filmmakers, ... but on the other hand, it’s allowed people with no filmmaking talent or understanding of the genre to delude themselves into thinking that making a movie is easy. It’s not. It’s very, very hard."

Exclusive Interview: 'Found Footage 3D' Director Steven DeGennaro – Halloween Love Blog
June 17, 2014
“The original idea, which didn’t involve 3D at all, was born when I realized that the found footage genre was rapidly heading toward the same morass of mediocrity that the slasher genre had been mired in in the early 90’s when Kevin Williamson wrote Scream. ... The 3D aspect crept in somewhere around the third or fourth draft.”

Interview: A Conversation with Director Steven DeGennaro - Popshifter
February 14, 2014
“When I first heard about the upcoming horror movie, I immediately got on Twitter to make fun of it. The real surprise for me happened when the director engaged me in a civil conversation. After talking to Steven for a while, I moved out of mockery mode and into curiosity. Then, I had the opportunity to talk to Steven.”

Making a Killer Movie Interview with Steve DeGennaro – Cult Movie Mania
January 31, 2014
Found Footage 3D  at first glance seems like a cheesy gimmick film. Steven DeGennaro, writer and director, sets the record straight on what this subgenre can actually do in the name of horror and what fun (terror) awaits when you add a 3D element.”

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